We understand the importance of reliable support vessels in ensuring safe and successful underwater operations. Our fleet of state-of-the-art vessels is equipped to handle a myriad of tasks, from transporting equipment and personnel to providing crucial on-site assistance during diving missions. With experienced crews and top-notch equipment, we’re dedicated to delivering unparalleled support, so you can focus on what matters most.


    Aluminum Dive / Maritime support vessel

    The “Marlin” service vessel is based in San Pedro, California. This vessel has a large variety of features to offer for a multitude of maritime activities. “Marlin” is 43 feet in length, and has a beam of 16 feet. It has dual Cummins diesel engines, a 2000 lb capacity davit on the deck, full sized head, and sleeps 5 for any overnight stays. The “Marlin” is stoutly built, and has an extremely high deck capacity. There is a full surface supplied air diving system aboard for commercial diving operations. The entire vessel is outfitted with several 120 volt AC outlets, 120 AC LED lighting, and auxiliary 12 volt DC LED lighting throughout the vessel. “Marlin” features a full electronics package, with standard charting and radar equipment. There are multiple outlets inside of the saloon, along with a monitor for R.O.V. or dive support.


    25 fOOT Glacier Bay Catamaran

    Survey / Marine Support / Dive Vessel

    This vessel features a fully enclosed wheelhouse, advanced electronics, 3D structure scanner, radar, and dual 140 horsepower low emission ultra-quiet outboards.  This power cat is fast, steady in foul weather, and extremely sea worthy.  This is currently our most comfortable vessel for longer days out on the water.  It can be deployed in the ocean or Inland within 24 hours.

    Additionally, this vessel features dual head units at the controls, offering high KHz side scan, down scan, 360 sonar, along with auxiliary navigation charts.


    22 Foot Boston Whaler Guardian

    The Boston Whaler Guardian is a robust and highly regarded vessel known for its rugged design and versatility. This vessel measures 22 feet in length with an 8 foot beam, and offers ample deck space for various uses. This open deck layout and “dive door” located on the port side aft allows for easy access to water, making this vessel ideal for equipment/personnel deployment, retrieval, and rescue, as well as patrol work, spill containment, boom deployment, and survey jobs.

    Constructed with a deep-V hull, the Guardian provides a smooth ride even in choppy waters, and suitable for offshore use with its dual 135 horsepower outboards. The “Orca” also features full flood lights and deck lights for a well-lit and safe work space in low-light conditions. Additionally, this vessel is outfitted with police strobe lights (as it was previously used by law enforcement), cutting edge electronics and GPS, and even a custom marine stereo system. The “Orca” is our most seaworthy vessel among the smaller vessels in our fleet.


    19 foot Aluminum Workboat

    This vessel offers high speed, high pulling power, and high weight capacity. It is covered by an insulated hard cover with search lights at the bow and spotlights to the port and starboard side.  The “Mako” is also equipped with advanced electronics and navigation, including side scan, down scan, and 360 degree high KHz sonar for search/survey/recovery activities.

    A primary feature of the “Mako” is a very high draft combined with high speed, which means that this boat can cover a lot of ground on shallow water or wetland areas.  The shell of this vessel is thick, welded, aluminum designed for tough conditions.


    18 Foot Aluminum Support Vessel

    Our 18 foot aluminum work and support vessel features a robust build, hard-top canopy, 90 horsepower outboard, GPS, deck lighting, and full railing. This vessel is ideal for tough jobs in tighter places due to its smaller size and heavy duty build. It is efficient on fuel, quiet, and very fast. This vessel is one of our most frequently used platforms due to its utility, versatility, and reliability.